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Addiction rehabilitation programs make a point of insisting on the fact that there can never be a treatment program that works universally for all people who are struggling with substance addiction. Treatment for addiction is a process which focuses on creating, designing and developing specific as well as personalized rehabilitation programs for each individual who seeks help. Each case requires a different program which will be unique to the individual being treated.

The need to develop programs that focus on each individual’s unique attributes rather than on providing a “one size fits all” type of treatment, has led to the creation of specialty addiction treatment and rehabilitation programs. These are programs specifically designed for people depending on factors such as gender, age, religion and sexual orientation amongst others. This means that it is extremely difficult to come up with a single program model.

Addiction Rehabilitation Programs

Certain populations are predisposed towards certain addiction rehabilitation programs. The reactions of such people on top of the fact that they are in dire need of treatment, means that addiction rehabilitation programs have grown to a position where each client can receive services which are all geared toward making him or her well again. There are some characteristics and conditions that are entirely limited to a specific group of people.

Differences between addicts range from the choice of substance for which they are going through the process of addiction rehabilitation programs, to the number of substances to which they are addicted. In some extreme cases, people may suffer from what is known as dual diagnosis. Under dual diagnosis, a patient is diagnosed as suffering from both a psychiatric as well as a substance abuse problem. These conditions can be very severe.

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